Thursday, November 19, 2020



over a year ago we relocated to the tall mountain pines making our new to us house a home. a clipboard lists all the projects large and small, $$$ and using my/our vintage stash. upgrades cost $$$. we've done a few biggies and have yet one more sizable expense come late spring - until then is just a tich of checkbook recovery. other projects involve elbow grease or creativity - sometimes both. 


our current project is the guest bathroom and in an earlier post i shared pictures of the linen curtain i stitched and the creative approach to hanging towels etc. you can visit that post hErE. a couple weeks ago our friend ryan {our roofer & now friend} came over to help the hubs install a new toilet. praise be! the original toilet was actually original to this 50 year old house so this change has been thrilling. he has also helped with covering the very tall windows with a shade fabric in our great room. we've plans to enlist his help further. we pay him well and feed him well. he's a happy guy.


today i'm sharing a couple pictures of the master bath. in my stash from years of dumpster diving were two road markers in orange/white/black. to those i added an ikea pot and plant along with a large 'W' for our last name and of course a few rolls of TP. using leftover fence posts after our property fencing was replaced the hubs cut and installed the bathroom shelf while i stained and clear coated the piece.

also in my stash were two large very vintage bark cloth drapes. not knowing exactly what to do with them i just squirreled them away until inspiration hit. and it did. hit. eureka! i'll use them as a disguise over the glass shower doors. then everything came together just right - in my estimation.

forgive the grainy quality of the next picture.. our bedroom has nice lighting; calming which is always good for the place of rest, hm? i took a quick pic this morning and thought i'd share with you. the metal swirl posts i found at a yard sale near us. two for $2 total. i painted them matte black and dragged them in the house and into our bedroom, one in each corner. i'm not completely convinced they'll stay but for now yes until i think otherwise. it's all part of the design process, figuring out what works best.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

by lantern light.

pending the onslaught of snow, 
howling winds blew relentless causing pine needles 
to make a horizontal flight and tall pines to sway. 
electricity. or the lack. the powers that be were  
hopeful in the belief of a two or three hour wait. 
nearly four in reality.
we have a generator for the necessary times .. 
and antique oil lamps. and warm blankets 
to cover our already layered selves. 
and gloves if required. 
and a fire place. 
we use a kerosene heater. 
2 actually.
 to warm the house - with electric ignitions. hm. 
it was at that point of no consequence
as we were comfortable and fine
with soft focus.
& anyway, when you're 62 somehow
one looks better in soft focus.

the hubs stoked the fire which as the only light 
in this shadowed dwelling casts a 
rather hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.
the hub reads 
and i write, by firelight. 
all in all a calm and content afternoon. 

electricity was still out by dinner time 
so we broke out the camp stove, 
and with three oil lamps had enough light 
to assemble ingredients and get to cooking. 
the hubs braved the out of doors 
to grill burgers while i prepped the rest. 

saute'd onions heavy on seasonings..
english cheddar sliced thick..
ruby red maters thick too..
romaine & condiments at the ready.
broccoli salad on the side.

and wouldn't you know it ..?
the lights blinked!
let there be light.
and He saw it was good.

Monday, November 16, 2020


".. kept right on going because he kept his eyes
on the one who is invisible."
hebrews 11.27

i forget which state we were driving 
through when i took this shot
but at that time and even more so 
now my focus is on the light/Light ..
figuratively and literally.
where's your focus
these days?

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