Thursday, April 4, 2024

german pancake(s).

some call it a 'dutch baby.'
others call it a 'puff pancake.'
me? i call it a German Pancake.
it's a simple, delicious alternative to
the typical pancake and can be 
altered to accompany savory ingredients.

the recipe i use is as follows:

setting your oven temp to 400, put a few generous
tablespoons (real) butter in your cast iron pan
and slip it onto the rack as the oven heats up.
when the oven reaches temperature you'll
be ready to pour the batter into the pan
and wait for the magic to happen.

batter recipe:
1/2 cup AP (all purpose) flour, 1/2 cup milk,
1 teaspoon vanilla, pinch salt,
2 tablespoons sugar & 3 large eggs.
using an immersion blender
i whirl it until completely combined
and a bit on the frothy side.
just before the oven temp reaches 400
i'll give it another quick whirl
then pour it into the skillet.
set your timer for 20 minutes.

sure hope you've remembered
to use an oven mit!

while the pancake is baking you can ready your toppings. 
strawberries were cut along with banana,
walnut pieces in a little bowl, and 
three sugared liquids: 
sorghum and maple syrup and date syrup..
 !!! bacon !!!
(baked and portioned and pulled from the deep freeze)
also made an appearance much to the hubs delight.

when the timer dings simply use your mits
to bring the pancake out of the oven and
portion it for however many you're feeding.
with the toppings available for personal
taste you'll have a delicious breakfast
to share & be delighted by plenty of yUm sounds.

let me know if you make this already
or will try it in the near future, okay?

note: on youtube i saw that *roots and refuge*
used a clay baker as well as a glass pan to make
her pancake .. so a cast iron (CI) skillet isn't required.
i sure love my CI though and use it plenty
throughout the week! 

a savory application was made a week ago tuesday.
same recipe as above but no sugar, replaced with
2 tablespoons cornmeal. baked the same method
but i added a cup of cheese 
(micro-planed toscano cheddar from trader joe's) 
as well as a few slices of prosciutto. 
so... pour in batter, sprinkle cheese on the perimeter,
arrange prosciutto. quick like! then bake 20-25 minutes.
before portioning onto plates i added arugula salad
on top (golden balsamic vinaigrette .. recipe below)
and micro-planed added cheese. 
it sure made a pretty picture & was tastebud worthy.
the pancake didn't puff up like the the other one
but i think that's due to the added ingredients
and lack of sugar...? regardless, delish!

golden balsamic vinaigrette

into a half pint mason jar:
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1 minced garlic clove
1/2 cup golden balsamic vinegar *
1 teaspoon dijon
1 teaspoon maple syrup
pinch pink himalayan salt
1/4 cup EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

cap the jar and shake like the dickens'..
the jar not you.

a little goes a long way so ensure you don't
drown your greens in dressing. 

* i buy most of my staple goods through Azure Standard,
this includes golden balsamic vinegar. it's a Napa Valley
blend distributed by Stonewall Kitchen. i'm sure you 
could locate it elsewhere other than Azure if needed.
or, use a golden balsamic vinegar other than this one.
even use white wine vinegar in a pinch. 
not regular vinegar. my thoughts.

:: a couple points to ponder ::

"this morning i asked God
 for more of Him. 
the answer i received was,
'make room'"

"The Word is like a mirror shining back 
to us the person and glory of Jesus - and as we
meditate on Him, we are changed, 
our thoughts purified, and our minds renewed."
{Dr. J. Vernon McGee}

until next time,

p.s. maranatha

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

of vintage mug(s).

just a simple sampling of another favorite vintage mug.
this, being yet an additional vintage 'hall.' 
the basket is very vintage itself .. and holds books,
mason jars filled with pens, highlighters, scissors,
 books, writing tablets, journal, devotional(s),
a couple bibles, etc. there's even a cough drop or three
at the bottom - for just in case i sport a dainty hack.

we still have snow. last year this time it was over 5 feet.
it's warming up so the few feet that fell recently will
most assuredly melt quick. unless another storm
heads our way this month. i do hope we're done for
season though.. i'm itchin' to get busy in the gardens.
have to remind myself we have a another couple
months of possible weather, but the greenhouse 
is fair game. the hubs recently planted potatoes in
barrel size pots and stuck them in the greenhouse;
seed potatoes from our '23 harvest and sprouted
in a big way so thought it'd be fun to see if they'd 
grow. my beets have wintered in the greenhouse
and still growing albeit slOwly. so slOw. sigh.

i'm writing this post in advance and just saw the time..
need to get busy with my tortillas if we're to eat
at an acceptable hour in our parts of the country.
steak & potato tacos --- yUm

until next time...


p.s. maranatha


Monday, March 11, 2024

of liquid life.

i recently invested in a milk frother that also
 heats the milk if that's a preference.
it all started when we enjoyed
a baked potato bar meal at the home of dear
friends here in the mountains.
i must add that the hubs requested i
add a potato bar meal to our rotation.
i agreed and did so. sure is delish!
after the meal, our hostess offered fancy coffee.
we agreed it would not only be tasty
but equally beneficial to our very lives.
(i'm not exactly one to say no to liquid life)
she has a fancy schmancy machine and by her hand,
she produced the most delectable, perfectly
frothy topped coffee enjoyed in a long while.
i wanted that experience again but didn't want
to pay a lofty sum. instead i ordered a
milk frother/steamer and made it simple simon style.
sometimes my foam is gentle .. waltz-like.
and sometimes? boy howdy that foam is serious
like a jitterbug at 78 speed taking on 
a life all its own!
like below. see? serious foam. still delicious. yUm.
it's in my vintage 'hall' mug.
makes a statement, i'm thinkin'.

while sitting on the sofa i noticed a pretty pattern
being made from our upper window reflection.
we have sun shades and more cloth over the shades
to prevent the west facing windows to sear
through the glass into our living area and
further into the kitchen and dining space.
the shades do a superb job in that respect.
the shades also offer a bit of an artsy 
pattern to the wall just left of the hutch.
i'm rather liking the effect.

do you make fancy liquid life?
do you see artsy patterns on your walls?
is it just me? should i be concerned? wink.


p.s. maranatha