Monday, November 8, 2021

and in november.



"Everything is not out-of-control,
everything is falling into place."
{ jack hibbs }

God has each and every thing in his loving care.
may not seem as such, and we may quake in 
our crocs, and we may fret, and we may pray,
but the fact is :: He has this. even this.
the now. the confusing. the horrific.
His word is in the details.
note to the wise and to the fearful ::
pray first. and continue praying.

the mornings are chilly willy .. 20s.
this morning especially called for a warm
breakfast so cream of wheat was prepared
and consumed and enjoyed. 
i added a drizzle of heavy cream,
small pat of butter, and a spoon of 
brown sugar to the wonderfulness
which of course made it that
much more wonderful. 
but of course.

yesterday morning our views on the mountain road
to church 30 minutes north, were glorious.
fog is a favorite of mine so multiple views
are offered below.

a couple weeks back we had a pie auction at church.
plenty of amazing bakers in these parts! the hubs
bid on a blackberry pie using local berries .. and won!
i made his favorite pumpkin pie recipe of mine
and also used my sister shirley's crust recipe which
is perfectly flaky and worthy of more.
the proceeds of the pie auction went to a vital
ministry for Christians in danger in a faraway land.

after our service and communion we enjoyed
our monthly potluck. our contribution was 
macaroni chicken salad. 

a quick stop at the market then a stop at our local
ice cream shop then home .. ice cream squirreled
away in the freezer while we changed clothes
and put away groceries, another errand for the hubs
then back home to rest and consume the creamy goodness.

foggy all morning on our drive north..
then sunny bright back in our tiny town.
this pic is of our river and the remains
of autumn before the next season kicks in.

a couple weeks ago we received a necessary rain
of ten inches in a short expanse of time ..
then snow. then melt. we anxiously
anticipate winter. happily so.

lovely ... in the village store someone says,
"I heard the geese go over." and there is a
moment of silence. Why this is so moving,
I do not know. But all of us feel it.
{ gladys taber }

the other day i made a couple loaves of this yUmmy mess:

one skinny loaf for us and one skinny loaf
for the hubs to take to men's prayer
saturday morning. it was well received.
it's just so so so so so good.
click on the recipe title for the link. :)


with that, i'll click post and get on with my day.
lots on my list to complete and check off and it's
already near noon. bless you dearly this monday.


Thursday, October 7, 2021

amials & other thingies.

"autumn .. season of mists and mellow fruitfulness."
~john keats~

when my daughter was a wee little teensie thing
she referred to animals as amials. while visiting a
friend and her little boy near where we once lived
she was down on her belly looking under the fridge..
then exclaimed, "there's amials under there." 
.dust bunnies. 
i guess those can appear to be amials, hm?
being that my friend was/is a clean freak, she was mortified!
and i'm sure that once we went home for an afternoon
nappie, she set to moving that fridge from its place
and scrubbed the floor but good!

.. weeks now there's been bear sightings in our little town.
black bears. and cubs. don't mess with a mama & her cubs!
while on a walk the other day we 
took a left heading further uphill - lo and behold a bear crossing
the road, keeping an eye on us. we stopped and retreated to
another direction. once home we brought our water bottles
with us to the front deck where we watched a bit of excitement
a couple houses further up the road on which we live. 
a garage was left open and golly gee a bear was ransacking
the garbage can contents. the owner came out of the house,
spooked the bear which ran off, and that was that, save for the
clean up which took a while. keeping garbage cans 
safely contained is a biggie in my neck of the woods. 

the "rutting" season is now .. which is breeding season
for white tail deer (and other certain mammals). 
while on another walk in another direction
we came across *tommy* & his brother *timmy*, both
boasting more antler points and nearly full grown. so proud
of those boys. wink. we keep a healthy distance during this
season as they're more aggressive. then again, we keep a
healthy distance no matter what season - but especially the "rut."

squirrels and jays and finches and birds of what type 
i've yet to determine vie for what the hubs 
puts out as food. the jays are loud bullies
and the squirrels are sassy in return.

one night we had three chubby raccoons on our front deck.
once they saw the hubs they jumped down then alternately
popped their masked eyes above the deck to check on us.

our gray fox still makes the rounds, both growling and barking.
funniest looking "kitty" i ever did see. 

yesterday two mama dear deer and their babies took their sweet
time crossing the road - ultimately taking a nap under the deck
of a home down a ways.

after church we visited sweet friends made up in these parts.
deer were born on their property, one of which was under one
of their vehicles. now the dear deer own the place and that 
doesn't necessarily especially sit well with 'k' .. as they go places not
usually welcome. the garden area is surrounded by a fortress
of sorts - but there's more yet to protect... or 'k' will be busy
shooing and shushing. saw that in real time, sunday. hehe..
she's a spry one.

the hubs is at his monthly history club.
a group of men led by two in particular, one of which is
k's hub with the other a local attorney,
meet at a local restaurant for lecture, good groceries, 
and fellowship with other men. this month's lecture is
focused on the civil war - pinpointing the exact subject 
within the focus i'm sure i'll
learn this afternoon when the hubs returns. 

me? i'm typing this bloggie-post and eating a bowl
of campbell's vegetable soup. yes dearies. we do have
canned soup in our pantry for quick grabs just in case.
and this is the case. wink.

once i push 'publish' i'll wash up my bowl and spoon
then set to sifting and organizing specific vintage
brooches i'll be selling, once owned by my sweet
auntie anne. my equally sweet aunt janet allowed me
to bring these home nearly a year ago and i'm finally
readying the beauties to post and hopefully sell
at tidy prices in most ladies budgets,
the proceeds going back to aunt janet
to disperse wherever her little heart desires. 
there's not only brooches.
there are two gorgeous sterling silver
bracelets filled to the gills with charms.
i'll be listing them on my etsy account soon
and will share the link and sneaky peeks
here on the blog. pinkie promise.

after i sift the jewels a bit i'm planning on an
afternoon nap. but just in case i don't get a few
winks in, i'll have a cup of decaf tea by my side.
and a cookie. mmmm yes, a cookie.

yesterday we took a ridiculously long walk.
i call these *forced marches.*
uphill both ways in knee deep snow donchaknow
for twenty-seven miles if not twenty-eight.
not really but golly sure felt like it. it was more
uphill than down - those uphills - at elevation -
are rough fetes but oh so good for us. by the
time we neared home our hips were
in a bit of pain though we felt accomplishment!
it was the very very big walkie.

as expected, i have a pic of good groceries.
marinated and grilled chicken
alongside roasted acorn squash.
the marinade recipe is fAntAstic,
one i found somewhere then changed
it just a bit - tweaking it for our preferences.
i'll share the recipe in an upcoming post.

early this morning wet stuff was falling from the heavens.
praise be!!! we so need the rains and the next couple
days are promising to be equally wet. hoping hoping hoping.
i'm chilled so turned the heater up a bit to 60.
wear a sweater when or if you visit
** haven haus **


"let today be the kind of day where you forget to worry
about your worries, because you're so wrapped in 
worshipping the One who takes them all away."
~morgan harper nichols~

Monday, September 27, 2021


autumn's glory is official.
arriving every year, it's special
over and again,
continuing to usher
a certain softness
and muted
a scent unlike any other,
for apples and cinnamon and pumpkin
everything find their way into
our lives.
..chilly outside * toasty inside..
we're still on fire watch {bah!} and looking sooo
forward to autumn rains then winter's snow.
the crunch of fallen leaves,
the yellow of the aspen,
oranges and reds
in perfect harmony..
raking those along with pine needles galore,
of readying our home and property
for the long, cold winter.
i love the

"Delicious autumn!
My very soul is wedded to it,
and if I were a bird I would fly about
the earth seeking the successive autumns."
~ George Elliot~

this pic was taken in a midwest highway tunnel
while drifting along .. just the hubs & me.

we'll be drifting along once again fairly soon..
unsure of the direction and road(s)
at this point,
but that's all part of the 

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

the hubs and i are making our way through
a series on amaz*n prime, entitled
Dame Penelope Keith
as the "tour guide."
it's the one way we visit Britain
without physically being on the land,
& no plans to visit anytime soon.
click on the series title link above.
& as info:
there are times the music overtakes
the dialogue .. we simply turned on
the subtitles option and all is well.
hoping you enjoy the series
as much as we do.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

"... kept right on going because he kept
his eyes on the One who is invisible."
~Hebrews 11:27~

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


on our walk yesterday, we met up with
tommy & timmy,
dear deer brothers who boast
multiple tips on their crown of antlers.
not much of a conversation
but good to see them nevertheless.
a bit "stand-offish" to tell the truth, they were most
likely annoyed we put fencing around
the aspens, preventing their supping. 
i'm fairly sure that's the deal.