Friday, June 21, 2024

one potato two.

never despise meager beginnings..

I planted potatoes in buckets the latter part of April. purple potatoes gifted from my sweet sister Shirley and her husband, and white potatoes - organic from the market. yesterday I did a bit of preliminary scrounging the spring potato buckets, unearthed this darling wee purple then set to empty two buckets resulting in a nice little harvest of purples and whites. I’ve a potato patch in another area of our property.. hoping the harvest will be far greater than seen in the picture. It’s a darling potato, don’t you think? quite small. but perfect. 

 the buffalo gnats have died out for the year... save for mosquitoes, it’s now safe to venture out of doors without risk of blistering bites from the pit. Glorious!

the garden .. the starts are in ground and surviving if not flourishing. we have a short growing season so every day counts. visiting the nearby garden center yesterday (so thankful for our village garden store) I bought various pepper plants as my starts had zero germination. Bah! they’ve been repotted until July when space will open in a garden bed reserved just for them. I also bought five shrubs for a sunny area. And steer manure.. 

scapes are ready! professor kimi gifted me oodles of garlic which I planted last October with the advisement to watch for scapes. they’re here! her further advice is to sauté the scapes in butter. yUmmmm.

this morning I’m setting up twine for the tomatoes. trying the Florida Weave style this year. then we’re heading to the farmers market in the next county, my favorite thrift store, and checking out a Jeep trail to a lookout point. 

with that I’ll bid you all a blessed good day. 



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  1. Darling wee potato! You do amaze me with what you are able to grow.

    Deanna Rabe


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