Wednesday, March 13, 2024

of vintage mug(s).

just a simple sampling of another favorite vintage mug.
this, being yet an additional vintage 'hall.' 
the basket is very vintage itself .. and holds books,
mason jars filled with pens, highlighters, scissors,
 books, writing tablets, journal, devotional(s),
a couple bibles, etc. there's even a cough drop or three
at the bottom - for just in case i sport a dainty hack.

we still have snow. last year this time it was over 5 feet.
it's warming up so the few feet that fell recently will
most assuredly melt quick. unless another storm
heads our way this month. i do hope we're done for
season though.. i'm itchin' to get busy in the gardens.
have to remind myself we have a another couple
months of possible weather, but the greenhouse 
is fair game. the hubs recently planted potatoes in
barrel size pots and stuck them in the greenhouse;
seed potatoes from our '23 harvest and sprouted
in a big way so thought it'd be fun to see if they'd 
grow. my beets have wintered in the greenhouse
and still growing albeit slOwly. so slOw. sigh.

i'm writing this post in advance and just saw the time..
need to get busy with my tortillas if we're to eat
at an acceptable hour in our parts of the country.
steak & potato tacos --- yUm

until next time...


p.s. maranatha



  1. I love that mug! Have I said this before? The mug is nearly as important as what's inside! It's the whole experience, isn't it?

    Hope you can get busy in your garden soon!

  2. I'm like you, I can't wait to get outside and play in the dirt.

  3. I'd love to sit at your table again, sharing good conversation and food!

  4. Love the basket, so nice and vintag-ie, the mug is cute, it looks like a hobbit should be holding it. : ) We recently had a horrible hail storm that destroyed our garden, so...Off we went back to the feedstore for more plants! It's raining in a deluge today so the plants will stay safe and sound under cover for now. : )

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello, I did not see your post here until today.

    Blessings! ~Amelia


"if you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."
~ thumper